Ararat Kebabs, Nedlands

Family owned Ararat Kebas is undoubtedly one of the best take-away and dine-in places in the Broadway Shopping Complex. They are open almost daily until 22:00 hrs.

The most popular take-away food is kebabs. Doner kebabs with garlic sauce are the best that I have tried. It has always been the best place for Kebabs during university days. You can have steak or chicken; and also double the meat amount if you want.

Pide (pronounced 'peeday') are also one of my favorites. I believe the most sold and the best flavored pide is Kusbasi. The Turkish word translates to meat cut into morsel sized pieces. You have the option to ask for spicy or non-spicy. I would recommend getting the spicy version. They also have Turkish salami pide.

Kusbasi Pide
 Turkish Sausage and Egg Pide

The next type of food that I cannot ignore is the ever popular Turkish bread that best goes with a meat tray. You should also get the usual dips to eat with it.

They also have burgers just like in any other take-away place but I have't tried them because I always thrive to try out different food.

Talking about desserts, there is Turkish delight. Never forget Baklava which, in my opinion, the best baklava in town.

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