Yuki Japanese Restaurant, Willetton

This place is a real gem, the food and service is always great and it has a really good Japanese feel to it. This place is definitely value for money. One of my best local restaurants South of the River.

Entrées: The entrées here are just the right portion and larger than most other Japanese restaurants around Perth. For entrées the mixed Sashimi is good and fresh. It's enough for two (9 pieces) to three people (12 pieces) and great if you want to try a variety of Sashimi. The Agedashi Tofu is a nice warm entrée and the Beef Tataki is consistent in quality.
Mains: The mains are very filling and when you purchase the 'set' it comes with a bowl of rice, miso soup and salad. For the mains I prefer the Teppan Yaki which is my favourite, I normally go with the the beef. The food comes sizzling on a hot plate with large potato wedges on the side. I don't like the sauce on the Beef Teriyaki as much though. However, the sauce on the Fish Teriyaki is nice and compliments the meat more.

The Udon Noodles with beef smells pleasant with the seasoning used which really compliments the flavours and there is a substantial amount of udon noodles which I was unable to finish. There was enough pieces of beef in proportion to the noodles.

For dessert you have to go with the green tea ice cream with a dollop of red bean, which my partner claims is the best! I wish the ice cream scoop was bigger though. 


 Mixed sashimi (9 pieces) $13.20
 Mixed sashimi (15 pieces) $20.80


 Beef Tempanyaki $23.20
Udon Noodles with Beef $12.90
Chicken Katsu Curry $13.50


Green Tea Ice-Cream (with a dollop of red bean)


 Green Tea
Saké (Small)


Combined with the excellent dining experience, what’s almost as important is the personal hygiene. Props need to be given when it is due. Unlike most other restaurants I have seen, this restaurant does not dilute the liquid soap they provide in the toilets. So much can be told about the owner and the management just by this little act. 

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