Samudra, Dunsborough

The atmosphere is very relaxing with the Kombi van next to the front counter and surfboards used as decoration. The layout was colourful and the foliage was nice and we were asked to check out the veggie patch out the back.

I am not vegetarian but I loved the place and the food. It was fresh and I was surprised at how strong the flavours were considering there was no meat. I tried the mushroom burger which I thought was tasty and had a Greek twist to it. The green curry was also great and not too spicy. It also came with quinoa on the side which was light and fluffy with a slight nutty flavour. 

The creamy smoothies were nice where the banana smoothie had elements of cinnimon, which was better than the watermelon smoothie however, this was much lighter. The atmosphere was fantastic and somewhere you could relax all day with soothing music for the soul. I'll definitely be back.

Miraculous mushroom burger
Smoothies - banana dharma & shake your chakra (watermelon)
Green curry (potatoes, sweet potato and pumkin) with quinoa

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