Equinox Cafe, Busselton

My partner and I came here for lunch on Saturday and we were seated in a place with great views overlooking the beach. We waited awhile until someone came to take our orders. We could hear the waiter telling two other tables that came before us of the specials of the day however, when he came to our table he simply said "what do you want?" and failed to smile; we were shocked and felt uncomfortable to be there the whole time. We ordered the Vegetarian Cannelloni and the Malaysian Lamb Curry. The Cannelloni was not spectacular and slightly bland, it was missing some extra flavours. The Lamb Curry did not look like curry at all. It was like a quiche with mostly all egg and minced lamb. The plating out was very modern but it was not curry but had some type of curry seasoning to it. I was disappointed with the food and service but I really enjoyed the views there.

Malaysian lamb curry with rice and naan bread
Vegetarian cannelloni
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