Roman Palace Italian Restaurant, Cannington

This place has wonderful ambience and a unique water feature in the middle of the restaurant. I always feel at home here because it is a family owned Italian business with wonderful owners who are very friendly and welcoming. It's a good place to go to when you're out for a peaceful dining experience with your family and also for an enjoyable take-away meal.

For entrées the Pane Con Aglio (toasted garlic bread) or Bruschetta (toasted Italian bread with tomato, basil & olive oil) is nice and light. For pasta I can recommend the Lasagne Al Forno (lasagna with three cheeses & meat sauce), Spaghetti Con Polpette (pasta with olive oil, fresh parsley, tomato & meatballs)  and Penne Pollo (pasta with chicken, sundried tomato, mushroom, broccoli & a creamy white sauce). I normally order these meals as take-away meals which are very substantial with rich flavours that are accentuated through the sauce. The pasta is always cooked al dente.

During my dining experiences I always go for the Zampi Di Agnello (roasted lamb shanks with a port & shiraz sauce). They provide two very large lamb shanks and the meat is tender and falls off the bone quite nicely. However, the Bistecca Alla Diavola (aged scotch fillet with a fiery black pepper sauce) is a winner too and cooked well.

Most meals come with a bit of a side salad similar to the Greek Salad (a chunky salad with fetta, olives, cucumber, capsicum, tomato & red onion). If you're keen for a bit more then it may be good to order an extra salad to share.

They do provide desserts however, they vary from time to time which are okay. This place is value for money and I highly recommend coming here and bring your friends and family too as it has a family oriented culture and feel to it. Also with the spacious design it is ideal for large functions or gatherings.

DINNER : Tuesday - Sunday: Open from 5:00 pm
LUNCH : Friday: Open from 11:30am - 2:30 pm
Monday - Closed


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Scarface said...

My wife & I frequent the Roman Palace on a very regular basis. We usually have takeaways during lunch time and dine-in for the evenings. Jason, Joe and all are wonderful people. The staff are very well trained and polite. Meals are superb!