Shikara, Mindarie

This restaurant has beautiful views of Mindarie Keys Marina. The décor is slightly better than other Indian restaurants around Perth. When we initially arrived it was very warm inside on a cold night.

The menu contained various sections based on the meat type and extras to accompany the dishes. There was a large variety of meat types with detailed descriptions of each dish. Each category had an average of five different types of curries under each meat type and hotness ranging from mild, medium and hot.

For entrées we had the tasting plate for two which contained beef samosas, vegetable pakoras, prawn pakoras, chicken tikka and seekh kebab served with a yoghurt and mint dipping sauce. The samosa pastry was very hard and it was difficult to cut through. It had been cooked for too long. The rest of the elements were tasty and had the right amount of spices without being too overpowering. The yoghurt sauce was really tasty and went well with everything on the plate.

Tasting plate for two

For the mains we had the butter chicken and the lamb and spinach curry. On the side we ordered basmati rice, parathas and papadums. 

The butter chicken had strong flavours of cardamom and contained authentic flavours; the most authentic that I have tried in a fine dining restaurant. I could not really taste the butter which I tend to prefer for butter chicken and had a more standard base flavour. It was creamy and had a generous proportion of chicken. The gravy had low levels of spiciness.

I did not like the lamb and spinach curry as much as the meat was tougher than usual which was disappointing. The meat was lean but dry and the gravy was moderately spicy. Both these dishes lacked vegetables and I felt that they needed to add some to balance the flavours. I would recommend a vegetable dish to be ordered in addition to the meat dishes when dining at this restaurant.

The basmati rice was cooked well and were balanced out with the right amount of spices. I expected the parathas to be soft and flaky but instead it was tough like bread. The papadums were really tasty and are recommended.

By the time we received our mains we were already very full from the entrée. The mains are very substantial therefore, only bread or the paratha alone would be enough but we always get both bread and rice. Towards the end of the night the restaurant workers turned in the air-con and it was freezing cold. I even heard comments from other customers who felt the drastic change in temperature. Therefore, you should take along a jacket just in case. I felt they did this when they were near closing hours to make the customers leave. However, overall I really liked it here and believe it is worth visiting.

 Lamb and spinach and butter chicken curry

 Basmati rice



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Anonymous said...

I am feeling hungry with your photos of this yummy food and I can feel the taste because I am a regular customer of shikara since they opened and never disappointed and with your review and photos I felt bit disappointed but I can easily say that what ever you writing here was been planned and you only went there for these photos of food. Thanks

Mike said...

Thank you for your feedback about the photos. We were never disappointed with the food. It was in fact better than most other Indian restaurants we have been to. We never pre-planned and went there just to take photos; that's a ridiculous comment to make. It was just taken from a camera phone.

Everything written above are our exact opinions about the food at that night. It just so happens that we have tried other Indian places before so honestly we did not find this place extra ordinary. Try D'Tandoor at Como and also 2 Fat Indians. You will then understand.

rude said...
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bbayala said...

Being an Indian origin this is the worst restaurant in Perth. Main course taste like dessert it was so sweet surely they must have used lots of sugar in them.