Fins Cafe, Coral Bay

We came here three times and had breakfast and lunch. The Big Breakfast came with two fried eggs, bacon, half a tomato, toast and a sausage. On day two there was additional tomato sauce. It was cooked well and I would recommend this for a decent breakfast. They are open quite early in the morning as we were there around 8.30am.

 Big Breakfast (Day 1)

Big Breakfast (Day 2)

For lunch we had the Works Dog which had a frankfurt, onions, bacon, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and mustard on a bread roll. This was not as good but it was edible, I felt that it needed a cheese sauce or more mozzarella It reminded me of a typical american hot-dog. The hot chips were good and we chose tomato and aioli sauce to go with it.

Lunch - Works Dog

Great little place that always seemed to be open whether it was early in the morning, lunch time or late at night. Overlooking the ocean, it was very convenient and affordable.
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