Trinco Star, Willetton

This is a local restaurant hidden away in Willetton just off High Road which sells Indian and Sri Lankan cuisine. Don't make a judgement on the vicinity as the food is one of the most authentic Sri Lankan places that you will find in Perth other than meals that you can order from private home businesses. The prices are reasonable as well.

Depending on your threshold for spicy food you should ask for the level that you require. Some meals may be more spicy than others in which I found the Kothu Rotti (Sri Lankan dish made from a Sri Lankan roti called Godhamba roti and vegetables, egg, and/or meat, and spices) extremely spicy and I almost couldn't eat it! I'm not sure whether this has changed now but if you like it very spicy then order this dish as you wont be disappointed.

 Sri Lankan Rolls & Medu Vada

The above were light and crispy and made fresh. They were all sold out by the time we finished our meal around lunch time so if you want want one you need to get in quick. The rolls were spicy and contained mutton and some potatoes. The Medu Vada which is made mainly from Urad Dal (split black lentils) had the right level of ingredients and was a great snack for later on.

We ordered 20 String Hoppers with the Coconut Sambol, Chicken Curry and Kiri Hodi between the two of us and it was too much which they sell between 10am to 1.30pm. I suggest about perhaps 6-8 String Hoppers per person depending on your appetite. You have to pre-order these about a day or a few hours before as they make them from scratch which is time consuming. Apparently, you can have these for breakfast but we had it for brunch and it was so tasty and filling. I would definitely recommend this if you're not sure what to order. Otherwise, there is a vast range of curries you can order with rice or naan bread which is what I would normally order for lunch or dinner.

The noodles were so light and fluffy which you mix with the curry and sauces. The Coconut Sambol worked well with the flavours and the chicken curry had the right mix of spices. I used the Kiri Hodi (meaning milk gravy which is made from milk and spices) to reduce the spiciness and it actually worked!

String Hoppers (made with red rice flour) 

 Coconut Sambol

 Chicken Curry

Kiri Hodi

The meal put together


For dessert I had Falooda which contains rose syrup, basil seeds and vanilla ice-cream. It's my favourite drink and the best I've had in Perth so far. At any age I'm sure you will appreciate this drink and it was a great way to end a fulfilling meal. I wanted to sleep after this meal but it was worth it.

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