Dragon Palace & Karaoke Restaurant, Northbridge

This place is especially busy on Sunday during Dim Sum. There are normally herds of people waiting around at the front of the restaurant waiting for their number to be called over the loud speaker which can be heard down the street. There is a slight sense of disorganisation when I come here but I believe that it is worth the wait and it's a very large restaurant with an upstairs and downstairs area and there are provisions for karaoke. 

If you go early then you have a better chance at getting a table sooner as you need to get a ticket and wait for your number to be called. This is especially so if you come with a large group.

The Dim Sum is good and fresh but normally comes in threes, so it's good to go in multiples of three. Also some of the same food normally comes around a few times so if you want a speciality dish or something different then you need to request it.

For dinner, there is an extensive range of dishes which are of high quality and are categorised based on the type of meat or vegetable. I am never disappointed when I come here.

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