Seizan Restaurant & Karaoke Bar, Perth

I have been to this place on a few occasions and have been satisfied with the food and service where each table is separated into it's own glass cubicle for privacy which fits about six per table, otherwise you can book a separate room if you have more people. Each entrée only serves about two to three people comfortably. For entrées the sashimi and Gyu Takaki (raw beef) are good value. However, the Yakitori (chicken skewer) only comes with three skewers.
For the mains I have had the Kohitsuji Yunwanyaki (lamb cutlet) which was a bit small and the Gyu Teriyaki (grilled scotch fillet) which I really liked and was more tender than the Wafu Steak (garlic steak) which was a bit tough, chunky and overcooked. We did not enjoy the Wafu Steak with the overpowering flavours of garlic. Overall the food was cooked and prepared well but the Bento Box looked like better value for money as it came with the miso soup and a few added extras on the side. If you want the Teppan-Yaki (cooking in front of you) or the 'cooking on the table' then you must book in advance. I always have Sake when I go there. The Macha ice-cream is creamy and not too sweet!

 Gyu Teriyaki (grilled scotch fillet) $23.80

Wafu Steak (garlic steak) $24.80

 Salmon Sashimi $13.80
 Yakitori Chicken Skewer with Yakitori Sauce $6.50
Gyu Takaki - thinly sliced seared beef, pink inside served vinegar sauce $9.80

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