Silk Road, Ardross

My partner had a Spreets voucher so we had a set course. For entrées we had the Peking Duck Wraps for two which were tasty but it did not compare to the traditional duck wraps from other Chinese restaurants which I normally eat all the time, as it was missing the chives and the duck skin didn't have the same crisp to it, but if you don't know the difference then it's still nice and my partner really liked it. 

For the mains we tried the Nasi Goreng and the Szechuan Chicken. I thought that the Nasi Goreng should have come with more meat (but it came with prawns) and we decided to share the Szechuan Chicken. I wouldn't suggest just getting the Nasi Goreng for a main meal alone, only as a complementary dish. 

For dessert we had the Black Rice Pudding and this tasted as it should have. Overall, the decore was lovely and the workers were friendly. If you're into Westernised Asian food then you should like this place if not then you might not like it as much. It was a nice quiet, classy place and doesn't have the same hustle and bustle that a traditional Asian restaurant would have.
Nasi Goreng (Front) & Szechuan Chicken (Back)
Black Rice Pudding
Peking Duck Wraps for Two
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