Cream, East Perth

This restaurant had a cosy and romantic feel as soon as you stepped in with the candle lit tables and fake fur covered wall. The waiter had a relaxed and casual approach.

Initially I was excited to try this place but overall, was disappointed with the food. For entrée's I had the soup du jour with mushroom and bacon. The flavours were very rich and was thick, smooth and creamy although I felt that there was a bit too much salt for my liking which could have been due to the inclusion of bacon.

For the mains I had the Baby Beef which came with mash potato on the side. The beef was cooked well but I did not like the cut which contained a lot of fat which was of a glutinous texture. The sauce was very thick and heavy. The mashed potato was not completely mashed. Unfortunately, I do not recommend this particular dish as it was not nice however, I would like to try a few others from here in the future. My partner's dish of chicken risotto looked substantial and the flavours seemed nice so this was definitely better than my dish.

For the dessert I had the pistachio cream filled profiteroles with chocolate sauce. This was very nice  with a light fluffy texture of the profiteroles and a crispy surface. There was a good balanced between the cream and pistachio.

The Hazelnut Kiss cocktail similar to a Toblerone cocktail was served in a tall glass which was made well and had a good balance of flavours.

It was quite cold as we were directly under the air-con, so ensure you bring a jacket just in case.

Profiteroles with pistachio cream and chocolate sauce
Chicken Risotto
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