Shiro Japanese Restaurant, Perth

This place is a Japanese tapas resturant and the serves were extremely small as the servings were the size of tapas. I came with a group to share the Oceans 5, this was nice and worth trying but the slices were a bit thinly cut for my liking, the Royal Flush (almost the same as Oceans 5) and the Yellow Tail Belly sashimi was average in texture and the skin was quite tough, but my friends liked it so maybe it's an acquired taste.

For the mains I shared the Wagyu Beef and Chicken Teriyaki but only the chicken came with rice. It was so tiny and I was still hungry afterwards. It's only good to go there if you're not hungry but want to try a small amount of Japanese food. It had a modern touch to the food and was of high quality but pricey.

Ocean's 5 - Yellow tail, tuna, snapper, salmon and scallop sashimi $39

Yellow tail sashimi (5 pieces) $17

Royal Flush - (Snapper, tuna, yellow tail and salmon nigiri sushi) $23

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itzzzchloe said...

Great food here.