Blackbird Restaurant, East Perth

I came here for lunch and the place was pleasant with nice views overlooking the lake leading towards the Swan River. For entrée's we had the duck parfait which was very tasty but wasn't filling as it came with toasted baguette rounds for dipping.

For the mains I had the steak which came with chips. It was carefully crafted however, it wasn't really steak as it was more like small beef strips but surprisingly, it filled me up and was cooked to perfection. The chips were small but thickly cut and had a nice crisp to them. If I had it for dinner I would probably would still be hungry after the meal though as it was a small serve.

For dessert, the berry sorbet was okay and refreshing with cubes of watermelon and candied walnuts that accompanied the dish. The chocolate tart was very rich and smooth. This was better out of the two desserts. There were a few mozzies flying around due to the hot weather and one went into my water, but other than that the service was great and I would come here again.

Duck parfait 

Toasted baguette rounds 

Steak and chips 
Berry sorbet, watermelon and candied walnuts 
Chocolate tart 


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