Café Noël, Shelley

The restaurant provides as range of dishes that are primarily Japanese and Korean based. You can dine-in where there is a home-made artwork of the Mona Lisa on display made out of coffee beans which is unique.

On the other hand, take-away dishes have also been great and consistent where the food is filling and tasty. I have tried dishes such as the Chicken Udon Noodles for something on the lighter side. Otherwise, for something more substantial the Noel Beef and Noodles is a good option that comes with miso soup and salad

If you want great food and you're on the run then try out this place for good food and service.
Salad (Take-away)
Miso soup (Take-away)
Noel Beef and Noodles (Take-away)
Artwork on display - Coffee bean canvas
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David & Iris Lee said...

We like this place too, it is family-owned & they are really nice people. My wife & I go there at least once a week.