Utopia Bubble Tea, Myaree

This place has good bubble tea with an ideal location if you're located south of the river as there is parking just outside. I like how they play karaoke music in the store as you order. You can also sit inside or outside but it's a bit limited. They sell nice looking cakes too but I am yet to try them. The only thing to stay away from is their toilets as they are not particularly clean.

Bubble Tea Tastings
  1. Original Milk Tea - Comparable to Teh Tarik and similar to the 'seasonal' named teas at Utopia, it has a milky flavour with a black tea and condensed milk base. Goes well with all the Sagos or Egg Puddings due to its neutral flavour which is not overpowering. Rating = 5/5
  2. Apple Green Tea - Does not come with milk. It is very sweet just like drinking apple juice with no tea flavour. It is dark green in colour and has notes of Granny Smith apples. Goes well with Apple Jelly. Possibly less sugar could make it better. Rating = 1.5/5
  3. Banana Milk Tea - The flavour was natural; however was quite strong as if the banana was too ripe. Rating 2.5/5.
  4. Chocolate Milk - This tasted just like chocolate milk but was a bit artificial and doesn't have as strong flavours as a Choc Chill as it was a bit watered down. There was a good balance of sugar as it wasn't too sweet. This is better than the Milo bubble tea flavour. It goes well with Chocolate Sago and Pudding. Rating = 3.5/5.
  5. Green Milk Tea - Matcha ice cream is one of my favourite desserts however, this drink does not do these flavours justice. The flavours are more bitter and it does not have similar flavours to green tea. It has a strange powdery flavour and after-taste probably from the Matcha powder used. This goes well with Sago or Egg Pudding. I have tried this with Red Bean Sago which is just okay but drinkable. The Chocolate Sago does not go well with this. Possibly more sugar could make this taste less bitter but I would generally not ask for more sugar and just have it standard. No matter how many times I try this, it does not get any better. Rating = 2.5/5
  6. Honeydew Milk Tea - This flavour accurately replicates a melon flavour and goes well with Sago or Egg Pudding. I have seen many people order this but I am not really a fan of melon flavours. Rating = 3/5
  7. Lemon Green Tea - There is a strong taste of lemon and does not taste good warm. A bit like Lipton Ice Tea. Although, we did not like this as much and it does not come with a milk option. Rating = 1/5
  8. Red Bean Milk Tea - This one almost tastes similar to the Original Milk tea. However, with Red Bean Sago the combination is one of the best. Due to its high popularity, there is a fair chance that Red Bean Sago is not available; if this is the case, just Sago would suffice. Rating = 5/5.
  9. Milo - This flavour had elements of Milo but had a strange fruity after-taste. I was hoping for bits of crunchy Milo just like the old days, but this was non-existent. Surprisingly, the Chocolate Sago did not go well with this flavour and was better on it's own. I tried to like this flavour and I did until I tried the Chocolate Milk bubble tea which I thought was better. Rating = 3/5.
  10. Rose Milk Tea - This has a light rose flavour which is not too overpowering. It reminds me of Falooda which I love but it is less creamier. It goes well with Sago however, not Chocolate Sago as this was the most horrible combination that I have tried. This flavour needs to be on its own. Rating = 5/5
  11. Vanilla Milk - This is similar to vanilla milkshake from McDonald's. The flavour is very artificial and sweet but I found that it was the most creamiest that I have tried from Utopia. Egg Pudding goes well with this flavour. Rating = 3/5

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