Kahmon, Shelley

The first time I heard about this place was when it first opened from someone who is Japanese claiming that this was the only place that sold authentic Japanese food in Perth. This a cafe style restaurant similar to the one in Applecross called Ohnamiya as it used to be a franchise which are now independant http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/338/1446964/restaurant/Perth/Melville/Ohnamiya-Japanese-Takeaway-Dine-In-Applecross.

The food has always lived up to my expectations its clean, fresh, tasty but service is abrupt however, the wife is very friendly. The place is owned by a Japanese couple. You can dine in as well and they open at 12pm to 2pm Tuesday to Saturday for lunch. For dinner they open at 5.00pm to 8.30pm Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and 5pm to 9pm Friday and Saturday (not open on Mondays). If it's your first time trying the place have a look at the takeaway menu below, so that you can just call up to order and you normally only have to wait 15 minutes (for 1 - 2 meals) so you get it right away as soon as you arrive or you can order at the counter. The food is healthy and substantial which is why I always go back for more. My favourites are the Katsudon (Chicken Katsu with an omlette and rice) and Chicken Udon Noodle Soup.

Also my favourites are the Chicken Katsu, Chicken Teriyaki, Fish Teriyaki or Beef Teriyaki which you need to buy in the set where "A set bento box" (is good for a quick meal which comes with half a tray of rice and a bit of salad plus your chosen main meal) or you can get the "D set bento box" (which comes with one serve of Chicken Katsu, two pieces of sushi, two tofu, an egg and a whole tray of rice and a bit of salad plus your chosen main meal). I also like the Curry Chicken Katsu and the Karaage Chicken. Also get the Miso Soup with your meal while you're at it! The only thing is that the salad portion is small so I normally order a extra salad dish in addition to my meal.

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