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The Teppan-Yaki BBQ is a 'special' type of meal offered at this restaurant where the chef dices and slices raw ingredients then cooks it on the hotplate and serves each element to you freshly cooked in front of you. The table comfortably accommodates for about six to eight people where bookings must be made about about a week in advance. They start around 5.30pm (for a 6pm start) for the first group and 8pm for the second group. There are three options offered at Seizan including:
  • Kiku $45: Salad, Tempura, Prawn, Scallop, Chicken or Beef, Mixed Vegetables, Miso soup, Rice, Dessert (Optional $4.20 extra for Teppan-Yaki fried rice)
  • Hana $49: Salad, Tempura, Prawn, Scallop, Salmon, Beef or Chicken, Mixed Vegetables, Miso soup, Rice, Dessert (Optional $4.20 extra for Teppan-Yaki fried rice)
  • Seizan $65: Salad, Tempura, Sashimi, Prawn, Scallop, 1/2 Crayfish, Salmon, Oyster, Mixed Vegetables, Miso soup, Rice, Dessert (Optional $4.20 extra for Teppan-Yaki fried rice)
We tried the 'Hana' option where you arrive and are given a drinks menu that is not included in the price of the Teppan-Yaki. We opted for our usual green tea and saké.

We received our first course of salad consisting of lettuce which was plain but the dressing was tasty. The Tempura came with one prawn, sweet potato and normal potato slice. We also received our miso soup during this time which had a good balance of seasonings. The standard dipping sauces were vegetable and soya sauce however, I got an extra dipping sauce for the beef main meal. This was given to us during the preparation period of the chef.

The chef came out of the kitchen and went straight to business with cooking the meal. Firstly, the Teppan-Yaki fried rice was made. We didn't order this but I think we should have as it looked better than I expected and was made on the hotplate. First the egg is poured then folded carefully into a long strip. The chef asks us to clap our hands and he chopped the egg slices faster as we clapped in sync. He then asked us to catch the egg slices with our mouths and I actually thought this was going to be difficult but 5/6 of us were able to do this as the chef was accurate with his aim, I was impressed. I caught it with my eyes shut! He then added the mince beef, plain rice and soya sauce then served up the bowls. As we ordered the plain rice, we didn't receive ours and had to ask as they had forgotten about us!
Secondly, the chef cooked the salmon and used a technique of covering the meat over with a metal cloche lid cover to steam the meat and cooked the scallops on the hotplate where we received two each. It was cooked perfectly and was very fresh and delicious.
The mixed vegetables consisted of the pumpkin, zucchini, mushroom, sweet potato and corn all cooked together. this was nice for a light amount of vegetables where we got one slice each.
Next we got two prawns each and it was amusing to watch how fast the prawn was prepared which showed a lot of precision and skill on the chef's part. The head was chopped off then de-veined all with one knife in about two seconds. I didn't like the prawns as much as they had a bit of a rubbery texture.
Next the fun part began with the large flames during the cooking of the main meal with the option of chicken or beef. Make sure you don't get too close to this! Both of these meals were tasty and the beef was equivalent of one steak which was then cut into smaller pieces. You also get a preference of how you want the beef to be cooked. The chicken was steamed under a metal cloche lid cover to aid in the cooking process.
Mains Option 1: Chicken (Three serves)
Mains Option 2: Beef (Three serves)
Mains Option 2: Beef (One serve)
The chef then left us to finish off our meals. After that we got our dessert of vanilla ice-cream which was creamy and you could taste the vanilla bean flavours. It also came with cream on the side and a slice of kiwi fruit and orange. We were asked to move to the booths whilst we finished off our dessert so that the next group of people could be seated around 8pm.
Dessert: Ice-cream, cream, orange and kiwi fruit

I would definitely recommend trying out the Teppan-Yaki here as it was entertaining and the food was freshly cooked in front of you. The chef demonstrated his unique skills through the preparation of food which is worthwhile having a look for an authentic Japanese experience. Otherwise, if you want to cook at the table yourself then there is an option for that as well but you need to book in advance.

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