Mamak (Goulburn St) Chinatown, Haymarket, Sydney

Food glorious food - is how I would describe this place. Located towards the back of China Town in Sydney this little gem is a must try for all locals and tourists.

You need to get there on time as there will be a queue to get it. The wait is worth it, with affordable prices you can select many different dishes to try. The quality and quantity is great too. I did not find any of the dishes spicy at all thus, allowing for the natural flavours of the dish to shine through. However, some others may think otherwise!

 Kari Ayam

The chicken curry was nice and just enough for a few to share. It was cooked well and also came with potatoes.

 Roti Canai

I can't remember ever trying a Roti made this well. It was light and fluffy and simply melted in your mouth. The Dhal complimented the Roti well. I recommend having this as a starter or even with the curries but then you would need one per preson. The puffiness is created after it's cooked where they hit the two sides together with the palms of their hands twice on each side, which aerates it.

 Kari Ikan

Most of us thought that the fish curry was nicer than the chicken, but that view opposed by my partner who is a meat lover. It had a creamier texture due to the coconut cream and contained Okra, eggplant and tomatoes which complimented the dish well.

 Chicken Satay

I really liked the satay but they didn't have the rice cubes that traditionally come with it. The sauce was nice but much lighter than what I am used to and it contained less peanuts to what I prefer. There was a good serve for the four of us getting 2.5 satay's each.

 Teh Tarik

I don't believe that you can go to a Malaysian restaurant without trying the Teh Tarik. It was light and you could tell it was made the traditional way, stretched or pulled which creates the froth and helps to cool it down. I really liked the glass as well, its was like using a stein glass.

 Mee Goreng

On the other-hand, Mee Goreng was just average. It wasn't spicy at all for me and after trying the Roti and curries, it became the least favourite dish of the day because the others were just too good! But it was still a great dish. The lime was a nice touch to compliment the flavours.

Roti Tisu

Just as I was craving for more Roti, dessert arrived and it made a spectacular entrance standing proud and tall on the plate. It was with a small scoop of vanilla ice-cream with wasn't enough for the four of us to share. However, the Roti was enough after ordering so many dishes so we could fit it in just nicely but I reckon I could have devoured the whole thing. We broke each triangle almost 90 degrees to the base and we were able to have one side each as it is wrapped around into a cone shape. It contained a nice buttery flavour from ghee and and sugar crystals glistening from the surface area. It as light, crispy and sweet. What more could you have asked for to end a perfect night out at an authentic Malaysian restaurant?

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