Tak Chee House, Northbridge

After looking for an authentic Malaysian restaurant in Perth to try out we stumbled across Tak Chee House and decided to give it a go. It is located among other Asian restaurants in Perth and can be easy to miss but boy was it busy for a Sunday night. It looked like a simple cafe but it was clean, the waitresses were friendly and it was affordable. However, this place is cash only.

We ordered Teh Tarik for our drinks, one hot and the other cold. The cold one was much better than the hot one. The hot one wasn't frothy and it also was a bit lumpy as it wasn't mixed well. The cold one didn't seem to have this problem.

 Chicken Satay

The satay was cooked well. It was a bit thicker than normal but then again it makes up for the quantity as you get four per serve. You also get two slices of cucumber which I thought was a bit scarce but better than none I suppose. It was came with a peanut sauce which was light and smooth and you could taste the peanuts.

 Beef  Curry with Roti Canai

The beef curry gravy was much thicker than the chicken curry below as the bases were different. Both contained potatoes and one piece of Roti Canai, but we ordered an extra one each. The beef curry had a nice mix of spices and it was a little bit spicy but not too much. The Roti was light and crispy and had a touch of sweetness to it. The Roti was much nicer than the other ones that I have tried compared to Indian restaurants based in Perth but the technique used to make them is different.

Chicken Curry with Roti Canai

The chicken curry was lighter than the beef curry and I found both servings to be substantial. The chicken curry had a stronger coconut flavour to it and it was authentic.

Ais Kacang

For dessert we shared the Ais Kacang and we were pretty full by then so it was more than enough. They give you seperate serving bowls and spoons for each person as well. It is flavoured with rose syrup and contained grass jelly, red bean, raisins and some corn. It was really refreshing and a good way to end the night.

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